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Staff Augmentation

Bydint IT Solutions Private Limited has around 10 years of experience in successfully managing IT staff augmentation for its clients. A large pool of resources deployed across the emerging markets and a focused approach on developing skill-sets across domains enables Bydint IT Solutions Private Limited to offer the best-in-market talent to our clients. Bydint IT Solutions Private Limited has invested significantly in developing a strong pool of highly skilled domain experts across enterprise and infrastructure services, with a focus on emerging markets.

Bydint IT Solutions Private Limited pre-screens all submittals to ensure that the requirements are fully met. Based on the nature of engagement, additional interviews are held to sufficiently vet the candidates.

Upon selection of the candidate, Bydint IT Solutions Private Limited completes the background checks and other verifications as necessary.

Flexible terms are available to convert Bydint IT Solutions Private Limited employees to our client's staff.

Our long-standing relationships with global organizations have also helped us create a strong best-practices repository.

A global outlook with strong localized presence and specialized skills-development enables us to focus on providing value to our customers businesses through industry-specific offerings, customized solutions and highly-skilled domain experts.

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